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They say that all great societies reach a point from where they can go no higher and that one can only go down from there. I heard "Friends" was going to introduce a lesbian love interest for one of the characters just to lure viewers back to that show! And watching the suffering of other people sure is entertaining, isn't it? No, this is the worst thing on T. It is the stupidest premise for a reality show, and THAT is saying something, considering all reality TV shows are garbage. This appalling show is just the latest escalation in the entertainment industry's attempts to keep you from living a meaningful life of your own.

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I remember after the "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire" debacle that Fox announced it would no longer do shows like that due to the negative press.

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Temptation Island Nude Scenes

But the small bits and pieces I had seen of all the newer "reality" shows "Big Brother", "Survivor" etc didn't create any interest in me. Well - from the moment I sat down in front of "Temptation Island", I was hooked. Inspite of those small mistakes, I found the relationships, guilt, doubts, tears, laughter, revenge, lust, forgivness, despair, everything that happened on the island an absolutely mesmerizing package. Sign in to vote. Emphinix 31 October It happened to the Romans, it happened to the Brits and I believe it's beginning to happen to us. Sure, they played the couples against each other at times to create extra tension, which wasn't very nice.

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temptation island tv nude
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temptation island tv nude
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