Parents spank letters

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Interestingly, whether an adult looks back in admiration or anger for being spanked, she rarely indicts her parent for doing it. But I am remarried to a very gentle man who does not agree with spanking, so he supports me now in trying. Here is the rest of our email conversation: Or it might be that aggressive parents with poor self-control spank more and are also more likely to pass on to their kids genes linked to aggression and poor self-control. A gentle mama overseas gave me permission to share parts of our email exchange that spanned several months and ended with a deeply touching letter from her son:.

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Most Parents Who Spank Their Kids Say It Doesn't Work

I will never meet you to thank you, but I am sending you gratitude across the oceans!! My son wrote a letter to me. But my oldest daughter is really loving and kind, but does not listen! Practical, Gentle, Effective Discipline. I have always loved being a mother, but hated the confusion and regret after hidings, never sat well with me.

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parents spank letters
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parents spank letters
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