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He can do " The Robot " and has a crush on his biology teacher Miss Timbs. Let the good-looking boys go out with the good-looking girls" or when she tells him she can trust that he won't do drugs because he is boring. I don't think she'll ever be happy with the way she looks. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Christmas 'Can I refuse to work on Christmas Day? Bigtime Porn Star Danni is considered the most downloaded woman on the Internet.

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Polly is Will's young attractive mother, whom several of his classmates have stated their attraction to.

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During "The Trip to Warwick", Jay tells Neil and Will the story of how Wharton got his head stuck in a bottle bank and by the time he was found in the morning he had been "arse-raped eighteen times". Bigtime Porn Star Danni is considered the most downloaded woman on the Internet. He then proceeds to give Will an extremely painful wedgie, until Carli tells him to stop. Due to the outlandish nature of Jay's claims, it is questionable whether he even exists, since Simon had never heard of him. He is mentioned again later in the show where he is again referred to as a mechanic. However, they reconcile by the end of the episode, and according to Will's narration, have noisy sex upstairs whilst the boys are in the front room. He initially insults her and implies he is embarrassed by her weight, to which she writes him off, but they reconcile when he realises his pre-conceived ideas about girls aren't quite right and that he really likes Jane.

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