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A female anthropologist who spent six years working as a stripper for a study hey, anthropologists do not fuck around concluded that many men used her services because, while visiting a strip club wasn't seen as "good" behavior by their wives, it wasn't "bad" enough to get them in real trouble. Did you know most strippers pay for the privilege of working? Some men want to have a woman to drink with, want to feel like they're on a date. I could choose my hours, take time off and still have a job to come back to. At one point she asked, 'Can I touch your boobs? It's like they can't stand the idea of the performer retaining any kind of power at all. That sounds weird, right?

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Inthe class action suit of "Several Strippers" versus "Rick's Cabaret" succeeded in suing for years and years of unpaid minimum wage.

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As a stripper I've spent two decades naked, and this is what I learnt

I had the right to choose. You might also like There seems to be a level of implicit trust between gay men and straight women. When I started stripping in the back bar of a Christchurch brothel at 18, I was in control of my decision to get nude — or so I thought. If women can kiss women and still be straight, what about men? And scientists the best sort of scientists, we're thinking have conducted surveys on chatrooms where strippers gather, and found that non-monetary motivations were discussed nearly four times as often as monetary ones. Hollywood history is full of fun coincidences and interesting side details.

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woman strippped naked so men could have sex
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woman strippped naked so men could have sex
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