Quarter midget gear chart

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QMA Novice Extension form must be used. Ackerman is the principle of creating steering geometry so that as the driver turns the steering wheel the left front will t urn more than the right. Toe In means the front of the tires are pointed to each other and Toe Out means the front of the tires are pointed away from each other. If they are on big gears and there driver is light go with small gears for you. This document is to help guide you through the novice process in QMA. Animal plate will be gold.

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It is important to track and maintain proper ride heights so the chassis geometry stays as intended.

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Quarter Midget:

Under green flag conditions most cars will be at full throttle in an open pattern. Different brands cars are different in this area so there is no single rule of thumb. Animal plate will be blue. D Junior Animal - See chart in Sec. Novice Animal Red Sr. For two piece wheels its is the width of each half while one piece wheels are described by their total width and the distance between the plate where the hub mounts and the inside edge. I am not familiar with the gearing for these cars but as a general rule you will never have more teeth on the engine than you have on the axle.

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quarter midget gear chart
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quarter midget gear chart
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