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Your review has been posted. Weiss always made sure to wake her up at 8: Welcome back, everyone, to Ruby's Regression! Thank you everyone for reading! She was quite the sight as she lay illuminated by the light from her laptop wearing nothing but a pull-up diaper which was quite snug and tightly cupped her rapidly moistening hairless pussy. She loved the feeling of the instant when her bladder was unable to hold back the flood of pee any longer; first resisting the impending flood, but then allowing it to escape in full force into whatever, if anything, she was wearing. Ruby grinned, she knew there was a reason Weiss was so easily accepting of the situation!

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Chelsea's Wet Diaper Fantasy Ch.

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Chelsea's Wet Diaper Fantasy Ch. 01

She then removed her panties, revealing her well-shaven pussy. She awoke feeling amazing, the events of last night not yet having penetrated the fog of her early morning slumber. This sent Ruby into a sexual frenzy as she entered the Heiress's core with a single finger, the damp cavern contorting itself around the digit. One of the girls let the man's cock drop from her mouth and laid flat on her back, while the other proceeded to straddle her face in a 69 position while still sucking on the throbbing cock in front of her; her body tensed briefly and then relaxed allowing her golden flood to fill her diaper which began to sag. Finally she could indulge in her deep dark secret.

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peeing diaper fantasy
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peeing diaper fantasy
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