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Listen to your body. The one men are used to use the Ejaculatory Orgasm. The moment feels close. Prolactin is one of two major chemicals that trigger the refractory period. If you got a girlfriend or a wife willing to practice somethin new, she can manually force you into it. With all this practice, you will be able to not only tell the difference between ejaculation and orgasm but separate them manually. Holding out on the orgasm is the key.

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How Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms

So there you go people. This chick didnt need any chakras or anything lol it was all instantaneous damn near so no time for anything special. And if you really want to supercharge your practice, get faster results, and feel a hell of a lot better while practicing as well … use this. My key take-away is that every man should try to have a non-ejaculate orgasm, or just sex without an orgasm, at least once to see how it affects his vitality, energy, and stamina. If you squeeze or contract the PC muscle you should feel like everything deep in your pelvis is being drawn upward.

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technices multiple male orgasm
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technices multiple male orgasm
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