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Seven minutes is another kissing game, but in this one, the two people selected to kiss are sent to a closet alone together for seven minutes. Gather a group of at least four to six people, and get everyone to sit in a circle. Play suck and blow. Play a game of spin the bottle. We are now a good couple. Have a plan about when and where you're going to do it.

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Playing a kissing game at a party can be a good way to get a kiss.

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Close up middle school girl soccer player celebrating kissing trophy

If you're wondering if you're ready to kiss someone, ask yourself: We are now a good couple. Find a time to ask the person when you two have a moment alone together, and that way neither of you will feel pressure from friends. When the time comes and you're both ready, just go for it! Have somebody spin the bottle.

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middle school girls kissing
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middle school girls kissing
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