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And be aware that it might not be the most comfortable position in the world, especially for your back. Scams Clever emails, texts and phone calls designed to ruin your Christmas. I bought a few of these to renew the shower trim in apartments. Scientists also found a bacterium called Pseudomonas aeruginosa which causes eye and ear infections. You do need to wipe off the water, it is not spot free as some products claim to be.

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Pseudomonas aeruginosa is resistant to many antibiotics too, so treatment can be very difficult.

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Bacteria called Acanthamoeba could get into the eyes and cause horrific eye infections and could even lead to blindness. My bath faucet seems intense… For some, that is part of the appeal. Let us know in the comments! The oil rubbed bronze look is very nice and, to suit our tastes, doesn't have the lighter highlights found on other ORB products. Professor Mat Upton, who led the team, said that the fungus in the shower heads are 'of concern' - especially for those conscious about having a flaky scalp. If you aren't sure if you have this, I recommend some online reading or consulting your plumber. It is the original image provided by the contributor.

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