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Submit a News Tip! Most other 2nd and 3rd world countries follow suit. We've tested it, and here's why we think it's important. Cutting off extra tits off cows so that they can fit to our milking machines is a tragedy. Who are we to judge how someone else spends their money? Many things also cost just as much to fix as to replace, because they are cheap imports, and people with the skills to fix things are scarce thus their time is expensive. A wildlife photographer's perspective on the Sony a9.

Of course dumping in the ocean is stupid.

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A post shared by Justin Hofman justinhofman on Sep 12, at 8: BadScience elmo - you might then consider children living on rubbish tips in the Philippines and such places are using rubbish to their advantage. NEVER trust them, cause you don't know which one of those crazy self centred clothed apes will decide to kill you for fun, because they consider you a pest, or try make a pet of you. Keeping cows in a constant cycle of pregnancy followed by a cruel separation from their offspring in order to keep them producing milk is a tragedy. Elliot H the seahorse ain't complainin, thinks it's king a da worl.

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