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Well, she is certainly a Jackpot see Types of Women - Jackpot since she is a high income earner. Gina Silva came to Los Angeles when an executive from EXTRA entertainment news saw her, and successfully recruited her to work on that show as a celebrity reporter. Newer 2 of Gina Silva is also the morning news anchor at Fox 11 News. She worked in Arizona as a broadcast journalist in Phoenix at Univision, then later she anchored the morning news at a CBS affiliate station in Tuscon. We had a fun morning with these beautiful gals. I love the way she carries herself on-air.

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Workers say that amount will hopefully last through the end of the year.

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They are beautiful babies. TheBoss BruceSpringsteen brucespringsteenandtheestreetband Music Rocker Legend TheGrove rockandroll BornToRun GloryDays myfoxla PeopleStories GinaSilva 6 rocker, rockandroll, brucespringsteen, brucespringsteenandtheestreetband, borntorun, ginasilva, music, peoplestories, theboss, glorydays, legend, thegrove. I love the way she carries herself on-air. I enjoy several things about Gina - she dresses very professionally and conservatively, and she reports live news events in a very controlled and responsible manner. You are commenting using your Facebook account. In a sense I am miffed at why high paid executives are trying to do it on the cheap by switching the co-hosts but leaving the format of almost 5 hours of morning news.

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