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My stomach was hurting so much I thought I was going to explode. I have been suffering from Proctalgia fugax for a while but was too scared to go to the doctor at risk of it being nothing! You can get hemorrhoids cream form the shops. It is really painful to sit. I could feel it move around inside me now, and I was also beginning to get a bit light headed from the hemmorhoidic blood loss.

It would burn itself into my mind forever.


My daily diet hasn't changed at all since a very long time so I'm really confused. The shirt move turned out to be a good move because the nausea fades, but it is replaced with what I can only describe as a ball of molten lead slowly descending down my abdomen. What if, in my altered state of mind, they were out of focus, or blurry? So, with a total poker face, I walk naked to my room, dry off, and get dressed, all the while feeling terrible. Now I can drive 4 hours, I can go to the movie theater with my wife,,,still not perfect but I can live with that. Some people say they need sizz baths etc but I don't think it needs to be that extreme Hello, I am having intense pain at the anus since past 15 days.

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