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I would have had Jake help me, but he was asleep, and I wanted him to rest. He swallowed nervously as I approached him. I doubted he could see the silk red thong I was wearing, but he would certainly have had a sneak peak of my bare ass. Your father is coming home early… so we have to take a break for awhile while I make supper. My son had stopped progress on my pussy now long enough to let out a muffled groan, thrusting his hips against my face, spurting his seed down deep into my throat hole.

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Without pausing I backed up a step, conveniently placing my feet so that the tips of my big toes touched and my heels pointed out so that as bent down to pick it up, my inner thighs would be on display and my ass cheeks would be spread apart.

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How I seduced my son

I groaned loudly as I felt his tongue, with my assisting weight, plunge deeper into me now than it was able to when he was under the kitchen table. Then suddenly his grip became tighter and he pulled me up against his cock with all of his might once with a grunt, to which I moaned loudly, then twice with a more desperate grunt, then, wrapping one of his arms around my waist and tugging upward, a third time, holding me tightly against him with his young, monstrous cock buried to its hilt inside of his mother. Most everything is squared away now. I followed him down and took my seat across the table. He stood and turned at the exact same time, allowing me only to catch a brief glimpse at the enormous tent in his pajama pants before he rushed to his bedroom again. His tongue and that wonderful tongue ring twirled about my clit and probed deep into my hole unpredictably, his smooth chin moving up and down against me as I ground my pussy into his face.

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