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During the 3 weeks we stayed in Sri Lanka, we tried 2 different hotels which welcomed us as a gay couple with no problems:. Why do women spend hours dressing upit is their evolutionary need to be looked at. We are also offering a free ebook revealing the 10 best apps every gay traveller should have. This is again part of the European heritage, as is also found in their historical art-work. But unfortunately our documents failed for second time and now we are waiting for applying another country. Stefan Arestis on 22 September, at 8: Thus, the men have free license to ogle this strange species of object that they must someday take to bed and provide for, and the women resign themselves to their fates without once questioning their mothers and fathers and all the ripe idiots who feed them this tosh.

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Even as rain does not penetrate a well-thatched house, so does lust not penetrate a well-developed mind.

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As a Sri Lankan woman living in Sri Lanka, after being harassed, leered at, flashed at, jacked off at, reduced to tears and even solicited, even when in school uniform, I humbly beg to differ. I was born to a Buddhist family in Kandy and moved to Colombo for work and studies after school. But unfortunately our documents failed for second time and now we are waiting for applying another country. It tells the story of a young Tamil gay boy called Arjy growing up in s Sri Lanka during the civil war era, struggling to come to grips with his homosexuality in a very religious and traditional family and society. Stefan Arestis on 3 February, at 6: Recently at a party a lady was dressed in a low cut gown and a revealing dress that made he husband feel quite uneasy as the other guests stared at her some with a feeling of disgust and less of admiration. In sr lankan law system gay practices has to be a point of criminal behavior.

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