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Just before reaching my orgasm, I wanted to scream for the whole world to know it: I sighed loudly and gave the gloves back to the shop assistant I had asked for help. You were born to wear gloves. I can even sense the oaky smell of her hair — like wood mixed with a hint of vanilla, feminine but not girly. She said that she loved me. I want to wear long gloves every single moment of the rest of my life. No trivia or quizzes yet.

But you can have them for hundred and twenty if you promise that you will come back.

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And he will never stop coming back. I shot Alessandra a stern glance and she grinned. Her body should be in a museum, next to those Greek goddesses of war. It moved forward a couple of feet, then stopped for a second, moved forward for another couple of feet and stopped again. And in that case, she will stop wearing those gloves. When I came back from the Nirvana, my hands and arms were palpitating inside their latex prison.

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