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So how did your salary for this compare with your bigger movies? The nude scene in Tigerland is kinda hot. My "boi" looks alot like him, and if HIS member is any indication which it is probably not, but a girl can hope all you Colin watchers are in for a pleasant surprise. I have the DVD -- there will be 3 showings today in my apartment. Your character, the ultra-naive Bobby, is so different for you.

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That's tasty goodness right there. The film, adapted by Michael Cunningham from his novelconcerns the unusual love triangle of a gay man Dallas Robertsa straight man Farrell and the woman in both their lives Robin Wright Penn. I read somewhere months ago while he was still "up and coming" he displayed his wares to Kevin Spacey and allowed Kevin a taste, all the better to further his career. Who gives a f—? Stop worrying about what I'm doing -- focus instead on what you're eating. SweetTea Profile Chorus Member joined:

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