Sex position approved adventists

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Those churches allowing membership and leadership positions to homosexuals are condoning perverted sexual behaviour. This has nothing to do with the nature of his sin, but rather the unrepentant condition of his heart. First man is told to be fruitful and multiply. Reading the Genesis account of creation, we clearly see that God's ideal is a monogamous male-female union. We don't need to know for any other purpose than to know how "deeply" we should allow them into the body of believers. And although the sermon had nothing to do with clean and unclean foods, at that precise moment the Spirit whispered, "It's not about what's clean and what isn't or what you can and can't eat — it's about obedience to the Lord.

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It is the homosexual who is NOT trying to "overcome" and who is not repentant that should not be granted church membership or be allowed to hold a church office, and there ARE these types of individuals in our ranks.

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Adventist Governing Body Adopts Guidelines for Sexuality Issues

So that my husband and I don't marry another by having sex should one of us die, we have not only committed not to remarry, but moreover have committed celibacy to one another. There are anomalies from birth, there is sickness, fatal diseases killing millions more since most of history, and those were certainly not God's ideal. Christ alone is the ideal man; but we are not Christ, and should not expect to be sinless as he was when we are humans, and not born of a virgin. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God. My major point is that the Gospel, holding OT prophecies, should stand in absolute conflict with the idea.

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sex position approved adventists
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sex position approved adventists

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