Penetration after orgasm

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Most people uh listen to their girlfriends. Partly because as I said previously, a lot of it is your own reaffirmation in your head that helps create it. Accommodation home and forums Accommodation homepage Student accommodation forum Find your flatmates. Banned from the house! Yes ok my body may have come but my mind sure as hell hadnt, so as far as I was concerned, it hadn't happened.

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Get Real! How Do You Tell When Women Are Done With Sex?

Start new discussion Reply. Original post by Rolls eyes I'm sorry, but it doesn't sound "stupid", it is just impossible. Hopefully, that fills in the gaps for you. I feel like perhaps you haven't totally opened up your body yet to penetrative orgasms it can take a while to click how they work don't worry. I always have this argument with my boyfriend because he wants me to orgasm during oral sex before intercourse, because it takes the pressure off him. Tell us a little about yourself to get started.

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penetration after orgasm
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penetration after orgasm

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