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Identical twins can behave as differently as any other siblings a matter of much interest to psychologists. With in vitro fertilisation IVFthis is primarily due to the insertion of multiple embryos into the uterus. Twin Reproduction in mammals Sibling Zoology. The twin at left in the image is shown in the sagittal plane with the head pointing towards upper left. While it was originally thought that identical twins do not run in families.

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However, dizygotic twins may also look very different from each other.

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Monozygotic twins of different sex.

A chimera may be from either from identical twin fetuses where it would be impossible to detect. This page was last edited on 8 Novemberat Clues to fertility, a student discovers". Twins are common in many animal species, including catssheepferretsgiant pandasdogsdeermarmosetstamarinsand elephants. Abdominal ultrasonography of monoamniotic twins at a gestational age of 15 weeks. I can't afford a pushchair

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different sex twins
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different sex twins
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