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It was actually through porn well, more specifically, erotica that I discovered I was bisexual and am only recently comfortable identifying as such. It has a lot of influence, but mostly in turning me off and teaching me what I do NOT want to do. I'm screwed up as far as my taste in porn goes. But it definitely made my middle school and late elementary life hell, sexuality wise. Quite a lot of my sexually active female friends have had sex with guys who got most or all of their sex ed from porn. I almost always get off using and enjoy reading gasp fanfiction porn of all kinds, and looking at explicit fanart, but "real" pornography tends to make me really uncomfortable because of how violent or degrading it is.

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So while I watch porn quite often and preferring male gay porn, which I find quite intimateI don't think it has affected me at all, because I still haven't even had sex yet.

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Porn: How Much (or How Little) Does it Influence Your Sexuality?

To clarify, a majority of the questions we get are from young women, this dictates for a large part what content we create, as much of it is answering the questions that people ask. Not ' butch ' ones though, not to sound rude. Things like fanfiction, and sometimes original amateur fiction, have helped me discover a lot of kinks I have and what I like, but when I search for the same topics on "real" porn sites, it usually turns out to be not at all what I am looking for. Also, and I know this isn't uncommon, but I think it is interesting to note that as a heterosexual girl, my favorite kind of porn is probably gay male porn. Scruff on Mon, I'm one of the 'male' volunteers active at the moment!

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