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For more information check out this great video! Is it okay to be a virgin? When you were very young, your hymen protected your vagina from germs and dirt. People who are virgins may feel very positively about their decision and about waiting for the situation that they feel is right for them to have sex. Smerecnik, Chris, et al. Virginity is a highly charged issue.

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Although in many cultures the hymen is seen as a sign of female virginity, it is important to remember that the hymen is an extremely unreliable marker of virginity, as the hymen can break through a wide range of noncoital or nonsexual physical activities.

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Last Updated 29 May It is generally accepted amongst health professions that the hymen is an ineffective indicator of vaginal-penile sexual intercourse. Virginity Just like other decisions you make about your own sexuality, being a virgin is a personal choice. For more about the hymen, check out Inside Scoop: You can become sexually active whenever you are ready. If a female does not bleed on her wedding night, or she is reported as no longer having an intact hymen before her wedding night, she may be beaten or killed by her close family members, usually by her brothers and uncles, and at times by her own father or husband.

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teen virgin hymen up close
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teen virgin hymen up close
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