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Local mothers apply their daughters for a spot in the Abby Lee Dance Company as young as five and six years old. The mothers are upset to discover Melissa visited Abby at her home without their knowledge, citing it as another way to get Maddie to the top. They vote the way Abby wants because they don't want their child treated with disfavor and Abby will take her loathing for a mom out on the child. After one season of avoiding what appeared to be a disgrace of a television show, I finally gave in and watched an episode with my roommates. Hoping to prove which girl is her number one dancer, Abby choreographs Maddie and Chloe the very same solo — including music — which shocks the mothers. Pretty much the entire time is spent trying to get them into the spotlight, they clash with each other and Abby Lee because they want their kids to be stars either that or clashing with Abby Lee.

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Maddy, you are cute, but you are not the best dancer in that group.

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Additionally, the mothers are hesitant to accept Sophia's mother, Jackie. TV by the Numbers. They attempt to act as important coaches in matters they are clearly less knowledgeable about, and constantly refer to their daughters' achievements in ways that group themselves in. It's obvious because let's face it, Collins Avenue, the producers of the show, are famous for creating exploitation television. And they don't care if they do or say anything vile in front of their kids either, who always look affected by the fights.

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little girls dance moms sexy photos
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little girls dance moms sexy photos
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