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But, then when you went further and further with him and finally all the way, I couldn't begin to imagine what it must have been like after not even seeing a girl for that long. And then, there she was, coming up behind him. And yet he seemed somehow bored by it all, as if, even at 21 years old, this was a favor that he was doing for the campaign. I decided it was time to take a little initiative to see what might happen and asked Michelle, "Would you like to dance with me? Those first two times that Alec made love to me felt like something outside this world, totally indescribable. I gently nipped at it with my teeth, that always drove her crazy, then sucked it into my mouth, in and out, like I was making love to it. Writing it down now, makes it so vivid again.

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With all the sexual excitement from the evening, and Alec on the other side of the room watching, she had never felt this good before.

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Do You Think About Me?: An Erotic Story Of Love And Dating

The next morning, neither Michelle nor I were working that day, but Alec needed to go to the airport for his flight home, so I had to wake him up. Then, she came over to me and whispered to me, "Please hurry, I'm still horny! When we were lying in bed, snuggled together after making love, I asked her where there was a store in Kodiak that sold those sexy undies and that blouse. I moved closer to his member and breathed soft breezes to it as I stroked it. We've never talked about anything like that. Oh my God, what that would be like for him!

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erotic story for lover
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erotic story for lover
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