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My Master was a Matchmaker Orgasm denial was never so romantic. She was getting more and more excited. He told her she looked stunning. He smiled at her and sucked on his fingers while he stared into her eyes. Agent in Distress Ch. She was so excited as she did that, he told her to stop halfway down, she did. He plopped it out it bounced.

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He noticed that she bumped her ass against him a lot; when she went to sit down, she backed into him, he felt her taut ass; when she went to the ladies room, she rubbed her ass against his shoulder, he felt its roundness;and when she came back, she bent over in front of him, wiggling her ass as she searched in her purse for a stick of gum.

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It made her feel sexy and controlled by him. He pummeled her pussy into total submission to his dominant cock,in and out deep and hard over and over he tore into that horny wet tiny hole, he started nearing his orgasm, but he wanted them to come together so as he fucked her he forced her clit to rub on the material of the wedge furniture that she was laying on, he kept pushing her against it rubbing her on it, he was in total charge of everything, his body and hers and they both knew it and it really got them off. He told her to remove her skirt, she declined, he immediately walked over to her and very angrily told her to remove it or he would tear it off her. She trembled and felt incredibly naughty, she was frightened too and felt perspiration forming on her back and under her ass cheeks, right where her thigh and bottom of her ass met. The Governor's Genitorture Governor is submissive to all!

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erotic stories male dominance
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erotic stories male dominance
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