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Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries. However, the buds of red maple and other soft maples emerge much earlier in the spring than the sugar maple, and after sprouting chemical makeup of the sap changes, imparting an undesirable flavor to the syrup. An example is the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, where red maple is not found in the dominant open plains, but is present along streams. It is not invasive and would be a good substitute for ash trees where ash borer problems exist. Considerations Mature height depends on environmental conditions, soil type and a number of other factors. It is one of the few varieties of maple trees that develop fall color even if grown in the shade.

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When it comes to fall color, sugar maples are at the top of the list.

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How Many Feet Tall Can a Maple Tree Grow?

The seeds are epigeal and tend to germinate in early summer soon after they are released, assuming a small amount of light, moisture, and sufficient temperatures are present. There are a number of variety options to choose from, but 'Green Mountain' is one of the most popular because it is drought resistant. However, the wood from Acer rubrum while being typically less expensive than hard maple, also has greater dimensional stability than that of A. Red maple has great form, color, and hardiness. American Journal of Botany. In a mature or old growth northern hardwood forest, red maple only has a sparse presence, while shade tolerant trees such as sugar maples, beeches, and hemlocks thrive.

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height mature maple
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height mature maple
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