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Drawing on the literature of transnational motherhood Of the 75 MSWs, 24 were men and 51 were transgenders. Regular commercial male partners, popularly called customer care, wera or wesh by Nairobi's FSWs, played diverse roles in their lives. Overall, the female migrant sex workers engaged in HIV risk behaviors and practiced inadequate HIV protection with their clients. Full Text Available Abstract Background This paper examines the differences in demographics, drug use patterns and self reported risk behaviours between regular injecting drug users IDU who report engaging in sex work for money or drugs and regular injecting drug users who do not. Three focus groups were conducted with a total of 14 female sex workers on their experience of legal sex work, both positive and negative, and the social acceptability of their profession. Peer education should focus on knowledge education and peer norms, and knowledge education should include information on HIV infection severity and how to increase pleasure with condom use.

Male sex workers MSW are a particularly high-risk subset of men who have sex with men in Lebanon and report higher numbers of sex partners and lower rates of condom use.

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A targeted intervention that addresses different levels of influence to this behavior is needed. Methods Inwe anonymously interviewed transgender women sex workers face to face in Shenyang, China. Preliminary study of the characteristics of attempted suicide in the province of Granada. Lack of critical attention to sex workers ' practices for managing perceived risks in their particular type of work may hamper current programmatic efforts to make their job safer. TTV was detected in male commercial sex workers in Surakarta with high infection rate. White cross-dressers seemed to engage in very low-risk recreational sex work. In this article, we draw on ethnographic fieldwork and photo elicitation with female sex workers who inject drugs and their intimate, non-commercial partners in Tijuana to examine the personal effects of the drug war.

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