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Requiring support and care does not limit or desexualize Effy, but rather these daily acts of care have the potential to become subversively pleasurable, slipping between platonic and intimate contact. As survivors of fannish abuse, Mary Sues are worth fighting for, as their very presence perpetuates the crisis between life writing and fan writing in fandom further. In these queer stories, the Gimp Sue gets the girl. Fanfiction, videos, fanart, etc. For aca-fans academic fansMary Sues provide a form to challenge what legitimate forms of fannish and academic labor and authorship look like. How can we avoid making an act of resistance into an act of violence?

But Bella has a secret of her own.

Alice Cullen/Bella Swan

One story has 15 reviews, the other Other fans on the spectrum too find their way into the review section, finding their own voice in the margins of the story and coming into dialogue with nondisabled and disabled fans. This is perhaps unsurprising, as Twilight remains one of the largest fandoms, falling directly below Harry Potter and just above Naruto. However, as a fansite, TwiFanfictionRecs does not have a searchable database. One fanfic is femme-slash female-female pairing and the other is het heterosexual pairing. Interrogating Intersections of Autistic Identity. We were a club here:

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