Wife wont have sex but uses vibrators

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My wife and I are in our early 50s — both divorcees who married three years ago. Stress is a marriage killer if people don't make time for each otherand depression is very hard on marriages as well. It may be that your wife isn't feeling close to you, but honestly since she's avoiding talking to the kids also, I think it's likelier that she is depressed, or at least overly stressed has she had any increase in responsibility at work? Tell her that you have someone picked out, which seems a lot more serious than just mentioning counseling randomly. As is my style, I never assume I have the best answers to all relationship problems and this guy is sure not expecting me to provide him one. I felt thoroughly betrayed. She was not at home, so I took it out and laid it on her side of the bed.

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A male ageanonymous writes:

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My wife is cheating on me with a vibrator!

We have been married for three years and we are yet to conceive a child and I sometimes wonder if this is her priority. I agree with FierceBadRabbit, go shopping and pick some toys together, try, mutual masturbation, bring the toy as part of foreplay, toys don't need to be something she does on her own. Anyway, good luck and kudos to you for reaching out rather than just detaching and allowing your marriage to deteriorate. Add your answer to the question "Wife rejects my advances then uses a vibrator instead?! Opinion HuffPost Personal Videos.

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wife wont have sex but uses vibrators
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wife wont have sex but uses vibrators
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3 thoughts on “Wife wont have sex but uses vibrators

  1. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that there is no tv on the other side of the room