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I used to feel uncomfortable with body as a child, but then I became a runner. Nude Dildos and toys. In my opinion, people in Europe are more used to idea of being naked in front of each other vs the US. It also gives me a better perspective of how I look. I would actually like that, I think. I couldnt even tell you what it looked like, except that there is was… I almost wonder if it ever happened. Merci pour cette pause rafraichissante!

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Garance Zero I did everything, everything, everything I could to manage on my own. I went to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland last year and had to shower naked in front of others. I totally agree with you about swimming naked-so liberating and invigorating BUT in a deserted beach or something!!! Mais moi le c. I think I still did not quite figure it out, how I feel about nudity even with respect to myself….

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