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When SpongeBob and Patrick turn visible, SpongeBob has more holes on the bottom of his head, and remains like that for the rest of the episode. Krabs, who is confirmed not to be afraid of ghosts, is the last person in Bikini Bottom who has yet to be haunted. With the same energy" skip two words "so is a" skip one word "that. However, the closed captions say that it is 3: Krabs throws water on SpongeBob and Patrick, SpongeBob's shoes and socks are visible, despite the fact that the Invisible Spray stains clothes. Skip two lines "In the door, but I," "he village is so," "not say but how," skip a line, "you are in or out," "much stuff I," "out the disk," "mankind or crab kind" kind is cut off to only show "ki""how," "so is a" skip a word "that," skip two lines, "and then He" On the right column: During the fight, they spray each other until "several bad puns later," after which both of them are completely invisible and the Invisible Spray can is empty.

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SpongeBob throws it out of sight and blames Patrick since their chances at pulling off the ultimate prank are now ruined.

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When her escape pod lands, it is in the Austin area. Several Bad Puns Later. Krabs' ghost prevention charms are gone in the next shot. Skip two lines, "and then He I was in," "I wasn't in so down in the," "how did it happen, I can not," "it be the way of the world," "So then he said what are," skip two lines, "and the He I was in," "I wasn't in so down in the," and "happen, I can not. SpongeBob actually sprays Patrick in the crotch when he says "No guts, no glory. In Bahasa Indonesia, instead of saying it is 10 to 3, Nat says it is

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patrick star and sandy naked gifs
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patrick star and sandy naked gifs

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