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Girls get the message early on that it is not acceptable for them to want to boff a bloke just because he's buff. They know, for example, that no matter how gorgeous a passing man is, it's not OK to scream out an invitation for sex from across the street although a polite, situation-appropriate compliment is almost always appreciated. Guffaws and mumbles about healthy curiosity are replaced by disgust and dismay. People seem to think a girl fully nude is more dramatic than a guy guys are supposed to be like that and so just a little bit of skin showing on a girl is something to rave over, but it takes a lot for a guy to even raise an eyebrow. I said to my girlfriend why are the women not naked to which she responded that as they were topless it was the equivalent of full make nudity. Do women enjoy looking at naked men as much as men enjoy looking at naked women?

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In the US because we have put such a high sexual value into a women's breasts it's difficult for us to see them the same way the Europeans do, like knees or elbows.

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The naked truth about women's lust

What is your opinion? Women are just as distracted by topless men as men are by topless women, one woman says. That it sometimes seems otherwise is only because pervy men are more acceptable in our culture than pervy women. Meanwhile, boys are not taught, as girls are, that their bodies could have a disruptive effect on people around them, that they should wear looser clothing so as not to distract their classmates. Why is it OK for a woman to appear topless in a newspaper? Can you name the female actress that refuse to appear nude or topless in movie? If a guy can do it then a girl can too.

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