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Disgusted by the thought of it years ago but after devouring her pussy for so many years, licking her ass seemed evolutionary. My research has shown that a lot of guys would do it, so I have hope. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? It really just depends on the comfort level between you and your partner. How can I get my boyfriend to lick my asshole? I don't see why not.

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Girls: what is your view of letting a guy lick your butt hole?

I use it to masturbate most days. Make sure he whole body feels good. When he licks my vulva, my anus is often in view, especially in the 69 position. We had fingered each other back there often enough that I already associated that scent with foreplay and pleasure but this time the scent was stronger and I slipped into the decadence of anal carnality and vaginal gratification. How do I eat a girls ass? The sexiest thing about it would be if he really wanted to do it as well.

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