Intrusive thoughts, compulsive masturbation

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You get to learn how you are wired, what pleases you, on your terms, in the comfort of whatever space is comfy for you. But if for example, you were totally into sock puppets, then, have as many sexy thoughts about sock puppets that you want! Irregardless of this, therapy with the combination of medication can definitely help the individual with their symptoms to give them much more control over their unwanted thoughts and urges. Please log in OR register. Another possible cause of OCD and hypersexuality may simply be someone who greatly enjoys sex, yet also suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. First of all I apologies for the topic I have posted if this is an inappropriate topic. So when those thoughts comes up I automatically think about them while I am masturbating.

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OCD and Hypersexuality

Hi Anna, My view is that masturbation is like most things in that it is healthy when done in moderation. Empower yourself with relatable stories, news and professional tips. I once was listening to a sex therapist, and she said something that stuck with me. There was an error signing you up. To get diagnosed with OCD and hypersexuality, you will need to have endured some of the trademark symptoms of this illness for a significant amount of time. Our senses are constantly stimulating our brain, bringing all kinds of images and words to mind.

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intrusive thoughts, compulsive masturbation
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intrusive thoughts, compulsive masturbation
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