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So please do not hesitate to ask me to be your date in period. I am looking for friends throughout the world. By Age and Sex: I would really enjoy that type of on going story line. I have had and enjoyed several chats with people near and far, mostly ladies. I only know English and am a night owl. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer?

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Basically need some one to talk to.

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How do you find an erotic pen pal?

Send me a message and lets see if we can get something going. Anyone intersted in erotic pen pals? My tumblr is s-is-for-stiles. If you follow book tubers such as Steve Donoghue, garden scriptorium and Dane Reads, then even better! Too old to do it now, so I quit while I'm ahead.

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email erotic pals
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email erotic pals
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